Cassie Schwind

Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Trainer

Cassie Schwind

Victoria, Australia
+61 488 577 884

I have been a curious explorer of what it means to be human all my life. I have travelled across the world in this pursuit and gathered many tools, insights and processes to bring to my passion of working with people. The one I saw have the most profound impact was Soul Coaching®. It is the one where I see the deepest and richest transformations and connections with self. Its essence is based on the premise of “The Soul Loves the Truth”. In connecting people to this I saw my passion of guiding people to their authenticity come to fruition.

My personal journey with Soul Coaching® began after an injury that changed my life. My body had kind of rewired itself after minor surgery and I was in a lot of physical pain. I was faced with some pretty severe treatments and the prognosis given to me was not great. I didn’t like the options and I went into battle with my physical body which only made things worse. I was completely out of alignment with myself – mind, body, emotion and my own spirit or essence.

The path ahead looked so hard. I realised that to make things different I had to find a way to realign these parts of myself. Through Soul Coaching® I was able to do this. I gained such a deeper connection with all the aspects of my Self and how I related to the world. It was so transformative for me that I wanted to bring it into what I was offering people in my work. After several overseas trips and working with people in this method I sought to become a Trainer and Master Practitioner of Soul Coaching®. So now I not only support people in this amazing work but I also teach and certify new Soul Coaches. This gives me such joy to bring more Soul Coaches to the world.

I have seen the incredible transformations people have undergone in this deeply soulful work – whether I am coaching or teaching this work is always profound in its impact because people connect with their own soul’s voice.

My passion is to engage people in the sublimeness of self discovery and was born out of my Soul Coaching® work.

  • Trainer and Master Practitioner of Soul Coaching®,
  • Psychologist,
  • Practitioner of Life Coaching, mBIT Coaching and Matrix Therapies,
  • Founder of Sage Pathways Pty Ltd, Sublime Discovery and creator of the My Soul’s Garden™ Program

Cassandra is a unique Soul Coach®. Her gentle yet solid essence allowed me to explore my own life path with great detail all in the loving presence of this angel on earth. I would highly recommend her for new soul journeyers. Those with trepidation and uncertainty will quickly love being on their soul journey with Cassandra’s support and guidance.
– Amari, Consultant, California, USA

Cassie is an expert and provides both strength and gentleness in her guidance.You will be surprised by the ‘magic’ of this process – massive truth and insights for my personal journey
– Sarah, Victoria, Australia

All round wonderful experience Cassie is a sharing supportive knowledgeable trainer and we had a fabulous group. So much growth during and after training.
– Manda, Soul Coach/Life Coach, Victoria, Australia

I believe this is such a well rounded program and deep sacred work. The changes in my life since starting soul coaching have been massive.
– Sharon, Soul Coach/Life Coach, Victoria, Australia