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Practitioner Certification with Shannon Oehmke – September 2018

September 6, 2018 - September 13, 2018

Practitioner Training with Shannon Oehmke

Shannon OehmkeThis intensive course gives you all the tools that you need to become an excellent professional coach.

Are you searching for your purpose or to connect more intimately with your own soul?

Have you ever wanted to form deep connections with other like-minded individuals with the benefit of transforming your own life?

Are you already a Light-worker or healer? Would you like to add additional tools, techniques, and programs to heal yourself (and offer these to others if that is your calling)?

I have used Soul Coaching® (since 2007), Reiki since 2008 (Usui/Holy Fire II and Holy Fire II Karuna® Reiki), and messages from Spirit to personalize every class to create positive transformations. I offer practical techniques and enlightened ideas to help you on your personal life journey. If you are reading this, you are probably looking to change your life. It is my life’s passion and purpose to help others – so let me help you.

My Healing Center is set amongst the oak trees in Michigan, which allows us to utilize outdoor space for training as weather permits. I know, for myself, as well as former students, embracing the actual elements while we learn about Air, Water, Fire and Earth enhances the senses.

From the moment you set the intention to attend my 8 full-day Soul Coaching® Practitioner Certification course, and all the way through our 28-day program that follows, I will be sending you gentle energy to begin the process of connecting us as a group, as well as supporting you through this transformational process.

In addition, I guide each participant in the making of their own personal Healing Spirit Doll. This is a one of a kind doll which will continue to bring you more positive healing and supportive energy when you return home.

One of my other specialty areas and passions is Past Life Regression (PLR). I tap into my coaching skills and my “old soul wisdom” to guide participants in the healing of past lives, as well as teaching them how to take clients through this journey. My previous students have reported immense healing from this hands-on experience, and they looked forward to practicing the process with each other.

Your tuition for the Soul Coaching® Practitioner’s course includes all course materials, including a large manual, transportation to/from local airports, healthy snacks, deliciously-balanced lunchtime meals, intuitively-guided gifts for personal and/or client use, and a spacious learning environment.

In this class, you will learn:
• How to conduct a highly-effective client interview
• How to build instant rapport
• How to create sacred spaces
• How to guide your client or yourself on a Soul Journey
• How your clients can reach their dreams
• How to build your Coaching practice.
• How you can work with your clients

During this course you will?
• Awaken inner peace and illuminate the Soul
• Embark on a life assessment
• Understand the specific turning points in your life
• Discover your personal spiritual allies
• Learn how to lead groups through 28-day programs
• Overcome recurring fears
• Release “victim thinking” and choose your future
• How to live a spirit-led life and still live in the world
• Create a vision seed map to empower your future
• Awaken your potential
• Make a Spirit Stick

Questions you will answer for yourself:
• What is the purpose of my life?
• What are my values?
• What am I meant to do in my life?
• What blocks my freedom and how can I overcome these barriers?
• How can I make a difference in the world?
• What is my ultimate form of contribution to the world?

The soul loves the truth, and in this course, you will find out what your truth is….
And how you can live a life in alignment and harmony with that truth.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you. I can teach you how to live a life that is fulfilling – a life that has purpose – a life that allows you to feel real joy and real inner peace.

This class includes these additional bonuses:

Bonus One: We will each be making a Healing Spirit Doll during this course. I guide each participant in the making of their own personal Healing Spirit Doll. This one of a kind doll will continue to bring you more positive energy when you return home.

Bonus Two: I am also an Advanced Past Life Coach, so we will be doing past life work together. It will include me teaching you how to do Past Life Regressions.

Bonus Three: After class registration, I will be sending Reiki energy to energetically prepare you for our class experience.

An amazing 28-day program follows our time together, to allow you to continue your journey.

Waterwood Healing Center is located between Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois not far from I-94. Our properties have amply access to nature to reconnect, observe and enjoy the outdoors. You can experience your quest here during the program.

To check out more about me and this course visit waterwoodhealing.com or email me at waterwoodhealing@gmail.com or call/text me at 269-873-3903.

Thank you for your interest in my class. Have a blessed day!


September 6, 2018
September 13, 2018


Shannon Oehmke


Waterwood Healing Center
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