Laura P. Clark

Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Trainer

Laura Clark

Rhode Island, New Hampshire
New England, USA


Sought after Master Soul Coaching Practitioner® and Soul Coaching® Trainer, Laura Clark knows that Living In-Joy comes from following your own inner wisdom. Through her own recovery from depression and 20 years as an entrepreneur, Laura fully understands the life interrupts and barriers that are obstacles to building an abundant business and joy filled life. She also knows and teaches the tools and techniques to overcome these challenges to build and grow in business and life based upon ease and grace that leads to more joy and prosperity.

She is the founder of,  and is known as the Soul Wise Living Mentor.  She empowers her clients to shift energetically from within so they will hear their soul’s whispers more consistently, understand it more clearly and act upon it more courageously all the while feeling at ease, safe and supported.

Her background ( in education, in 10 years of leading training programs for the YMCA, as a business owner supporting other therapists to grow their own businesses, and as a Soul Coach supporting business owners ) allows her to come to each of her Instructor Training Courses with unique insights to support the learning environment.

As an International best-selling author and engaging speaker and compassionate mentor and trainer, Laura brings her unique wit and a down to earth, practical approach to implementing spirituality and soul-wise living into your business and life.

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Laura is a life-long learner and continually grows personally and professionally to support her clients. Her background includes:

  • BS Exercise Science with a double minor in Health and business
  • Senior Program Director Status National YMCA
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Facial Reflexologist, Craniosacral Therapist and Reiki
  • Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment
  • Certified Practitioner of Space Clearing
  • Master Oracle Card Practitioner
  • Gateway Dreaming Practitioner
  • Past Life Practitioner
  • Master Soul Coaching Practitioner
  • Soul Coaching Trainer.

I experienced wonderful and positive changes and am happier, healthier and more successful because of working with Laura. Laura inspired, motivated and empowered me to become the person I have longed to be. She helped me get clear and better serve my clients while growing my business towards abundance. Oh, yeah, because of this course, my relationship with the woman I love is at an all-time high because I am a more authentic, kind, and loving person. Thank you, Laura, for putting together an amazing program and for doing what you do so powerfully.
Tim Drown , Owner, To Be A Champion Fitness Studio, Portland, Maine

Laura radiates a love and compassion that touched me the first time I met her. I am so grateful for having worked with her. She takes you to a deeper level helping you to bring your vision alive. I learned from her how to give my vision energy resulting in this year in the manifestation of certification as Dream Builder Coach, member of a Mastermind group, a circle of new friends who are my partners in believing and being able to afford sponsoring a child through Compassion International, something I have wanted to do for years.

I would recommend working with Laura because she is a compassionate, cool, fun, spiritual “sherpa” who walks her own spiritual path daily. She has her bag well-packed with tools which she will share with you as needed, in the most appropriate and useful ways.
Mary Perez, Certified Dream Builder Coach

Before I attended the “Awaken & Empower Your Intuition” retreat, I was searching for some answers and guidance on how to increase my intuition and use it as a tool in my daily life.
Prior to the retreat, I had started to acknowledge some of my own intuitive abilities, but they were a bit “hit and miss” as to how or when I accessed them.

I’d known Laura for a few years, and I knew she was the “go-to” person for me anytime I had questions or observations about my intuition, so I leapt at the chance to be at her inaugural retreat.

The retreat was phenomenal and it was so much more than what I ever thought it would be! Laura gave us so much incredible information about many different types of intuitive tools…and something tells me she barely scratched the surface of what she knows! As a relative newbie to learning and studying intuition, I appreciated Laura’s steady pace of teaching which allowed me to absorb new information and ask lots of questions. I left with a solid sense of empowerment of knowing how to use each of the tools Laura shared with us, and I was excited about getting started on awakening and empowering my intuition.

Within just a few short weeks of attending the retreat, I had many occasions to apply the knowledge from the retreat and use some of the tools that I learned about. My favorite tool so far has been my pendulum. I use my pendulum often, and it is able to access answers from my Soul when I am experiencing stress or uncertainty so that I make the choice that is truly best for me.

I can’t imagine my life without this retreat and the supportive tools I learned about – for anyone who is searching for a calmer sense of peace and knowing in their lives, this event is not to be missed!
Beth Marshall, CEO |