Michelle Capper-Fay

Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Trainer

Gillian White



Michelle Capper-Fay is an Energetic Healer, Spiritual Development Coach, International Teacher and Mentor whose deepest calling in life, is to help others answer theirs.

Originally from Ireland but now living in Sydney, Michelle is devoted to using her innate healing gifts, to help people achieve ‘inner’ alignment for ‘outer’ success; enabling them to release internal limitations and energetic blocks so they can live a life connected to, and guided by the callings of their Soul.

In her work, she draws upon her vast background in the healing arts, coaching and business which she seamlessly blends to awaken people to their Higher Purpose. She is a Reiki Master, a Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner & Teacher with the Denise Linn Institute of Soul Coaching® as well as, a practitioner of a variety of Quantum Level Energy Techniques. Her work is further enriched by a Master’s Degree in Business and formal training in the dramatic arts.

Michelle is also the creator of Inner Uprising®; a quantum level healing program designed to help people achieve higher states of consciousness, reach a whole new level of self-belief, anchor into self-worth and not least of all, to become ‘Dream Catchers’ in their own lives.

She also delights in offering professional mentoring to ‘up-and-coming’ practitioners, where she generously shares the knowledge, wisdom and expertise gained from her many years in the healing and coaching field, through her many spiritual workshops and international retreats, as well as, across thousands of client sessions.

Michelle’s clients and students span the globe and come from all walks of life. There are simply no bounds to her reach.
She has been featured in Good Health magazine, as well as being a panellist on the “Do What You Really Love” Series with Dr Joe Vitalae and also, a guest host on the Denise Linn, Hay House Radio Show.

  • Soul Coaching® Trainer
  • Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner