Shannon Oehmke

Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Trainer

Shannon Oehmke

Michigan, USA


Shannon Oehmke: I’ve been called an “old soul” all my life. I’m very intuitive and sensitive. This sensitivity makes me very good at helping other people. I use Soul Coaching® (since 2007), Reiki since 2008 (Usui/Holy Fire II and Holy Fire II Karuna® Reiki) and messages from Spirit to personalize every class to create positive transformations within your mind, body, and soul.

As a compassionate and gifted healer, I provide each class with personal guidance in a sacred and supportive space in which to transform your life. The skills and techniques that I teach allow you to realize your true desires on a soul level. We provide inspiration to act on those desires. You will be provided with a wealth of knowledge to help others to do the same.

This full 8-day course will include large manual, special gifts, hands on learning and experiences, lunch and transportation to and from local airport and hotel. An amazing 28-day program after our time together to allow you to continue your journey.

This class is right for you if you are looking for a new career, a journey to healing or a life transformation or all the above.

I am including a bonus: we will each be making a Healing Spirit Doll. This special doll will help you bring more positive energy into your life. It can also be used to help you build new habits and drop bad ones.

We are easy to find. Located between Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois not far from I-94. Our properties have amply access to nature to reconnect, observe and enjoy the outdoors. You can experience your quest here during the program.

I offer practical techniques and enlightened ideas to help you on your personal life journey. Allow me to teach you how to live a life that is fulfilling – a life that has purpose – a life that allows you to feel real joy and real inner peace. If you are reading this, you are probably looking to change your life. It is my life’s passion and purpose to help others – so let me help you.

  • Soul Coaching® Trainer
  • Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner
  • Past Life Coach
  • Reiki Master (Usui/Holy Fire III – all levels – Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master)
  • Intuitive
  • Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader

From the moment you enter Shannon’s presence you feel her passion and nurturance for guiding others. Her voice portrays a level of confidence and support as she leads you into a place of deep healing during a Soul Journey or Past Life Regression. I loved that her knowledge as a Reiki Master allowed her to pull stagnate energy out of my body, furthering the depth of healing. No matter where my guides took me, I always knew and felt that Shannon was right there with me.

Besides personally experiencing healing with Shannon, I have also had the pleasure of being her student in the Soul Coaching Practitioners program. She has a depth of knowledge that instilled confidence in me as well as the other students. She made the class fun and interactive with plenty of experiential practice and creative activities.

If you are already a light-worker or are considering tapping into your own healing gifts, you cannot go wrong taking the Practitioner level course from Shannon. It was 8 days of learning, laughter, bonding and play that was interwoven with personal transformation. I will be forever indebted to her willingness to be part of my journey.

BJ Byrd (Certified Soul Coaching Practitioner®, Certified Psychic Medium LWISSD, Certified Angel Card Reader®)

I fell in love with this place just pulling into the driveway. I could immediately feel a sense of peace come over me. It’s a beautiful facility set back among the trees, flowers, plants and wildlife. Shannon is a blessing, she took time out of her schedule to talk to me on short notice. She was so warm, comfortable and caring! We ended up chatting effortlessly for 2.5 hours. It was LITERALLY A LIFE CHANGING experience. My Spiritual Awakening kicked into full gear after that conversation. I knew I would never be the same and I was ready! I am eternally grateful to have someone as wonderful as Shannon by my side through this miraculous journey.
– H. Greene

I found Shannon on the internet. I was very unhappy and was willing to try anything to feel better. She helped me realize that my beliefs about myself were not my beliefs. I now realize that I get to decide what truths I want to accept. I have completely changed my life with her help. She taught me skills to help me navigate life as a sensitive person. I can’t thank her enough for helping me.
– Michael F.

Shannon’s teaching style is like no one else I have ever experienced. She is open and generous with all. She made me feel so welcome and important. I can tell she wanted everyone to understand and experience the joy that she does with the skills she teaches. I consider myself very lucky to have had Shannon as my teacher.
– Mary Beth L.

Learning is hard for me but Shannon knows how to teach to people like me. She tells stories so that I understand the meaning of what she is teaching. I never knew learning could be like this. She is a wonderful teacher. I plan to learn more from her in the future.
– Marlene S.

Meeting Shannon was like reuniting with a dear friend. She is very easy to talk to and I know I can share anything with her and she won’t judge me. She is the most accepting person I have ever meet. Having Shannon accept me just as I am helped me accept myself. When I accepted myself my healing really began. I am still making improvements to my life as I sort out what is important to me on a soul level. Working with Shannon has been a joy and a surprise at all she has helped be with.
– Mary Jo M.

Working with Shannon helped me release old traumas from my childhood. Things I thought too painful to ever speak of. But without having to share what had happened to me she helped me let go of the pain that I felt. She allowed me to release it in a safe way and told me that all things we experience are part of our soul’s learning. She helped me make sense of so many things in my life. She is incredible to work with and a very kind teacher.
– Elizabeth C.

Shannon’s personal story is what inspired me to want to learn from her. I know that she understands what it is like to be unwell and to come back to full health. Her ability to help me see that anything is possible was exactly what I needed to hear. She gave me hope. She taught me skills to make changes to improve my life. Shannon is very helpful, kind and supportive.
– Karen C.

I feel more love from Shannon than I do from my own family. She seems to really understand unconditional love. Maybe I feel like this because she is so understanding and doesn’t make me feel bad for anything that I have done. She helped me understand that I judge myself harshly and that nothing is as bad as I make it out to be. I am learning to see myself from a loving point of view. I feel like I can have the life I want with the skills and information Shannon teaches.
– Name withheld

I first experienced Shannon as a client in my group fitness water class during her journey to recovery from a severe car accident that left her “broken.” I was astounded by the abilities of physical & mental function she was able to quickly achieve as we worked together.

She introduced me to Reiki, which contributed greatly to her pain management and healing. I was so impressed that I endeavored to learn Reiki to add to my practice as a Personal Trainer, and Pilates Instructor. Shannon became my Reiki Master, and I completed her Reiki I & II, and Master Trainer Workshops.

I was so impressed with her style of teaching and professionalism, that I had her travel to my Illinois Pilates Studio to present her workshops to others in my area interested in learning Reiki. Those students now have Reiki practices of their own! Shannon & I have a very special working relationship, sharing clients and supporting one another’s businesses. Shannon has many talents.

During a transitional time in college, my son committed to taking Shannon’s 28-day Soul Coaching Program. His experience with Shannon transformed him from a reactionary teenager to a visionary young adult. She has helped us strengthen our family’s relationship through Reiki & Soul Coaching.

This summer we also attended one of her Spirit Doll Workshops.

Shannon said to me on the onset of our relationship, “Once you have Reiki from me, I will always be accessible to you.” She was so right! I’ve called on her for Distant Reiki, Workshops, Promotional Events, Student Teaching, Soul Coaching, and advice from time to time. She is truly a treasure to me and the most unique & generous of all my friends.

– Liz V.

Meeting Shannon has been a life changing experience for me. I had suffered from Major Depression, PTSD and chronic pain for most of my life. Under Shannon’s care, I am happy to report that I have been symptom free! Shannon is warm and friendly, I was immediately put at ease at first contact with her. Her classes flow with ease and she is a very patient and conscious teacher. There wasn’t any stress or pressure, just loving and peaceful instruction. Shannon has gone above and beyond for me and I am truly grateful. I highly recommend Shannon to anyone looking for relief from any form of pain and suffering.

– Holly A.