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Soul Coaching®

It is a path of the heart. . . a profession that deeply empowers the lives others while, at the same time, opens a vast wellspring of compassion and joy within you.

This intensive certification program gives you all the tools that you need to become an excellent Soul Coaching® Practitioner.

Soul Coaching® Practitioners take coaching to a deeper level. Business and life coaches might work on the surface levels of ones life, but sometimes it’s not that kind of success that makes one’s soul the happiest. By using our special coaching techniques, powerful self learning exercises, and various 28 day programs, we help people find live their truth!

With thousands of Soul Coaching® Practitioners all over the world, our trademarked methods are becoming more well known and recognized for the power and joy it brings to our clients.

Soul Coaching® Practitioners are needed now more than ever. As our planet faces enormous challenges, many people are searching for meaning amidst personal and global challenges.

Are you ready to become a Soul Coaching® Practitioner?

Founder of Soul Coaching®, Denise Linn
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