Soul Coaching® Trainers

Our Soul Coaching® Trainers come from around the world … Each Trainer is an independent contractor who has been certified to offer the Soul Coaching® Practitioner Training program according to our high standards and rich curriculum experience.

Each of these beautiful beings is unique in their background and talents. No matter which Trainer you choose, upon graduation you become a member of the Soul Coaching® Practitioner Community, and all of it benefits.

Feel free to connect with several, so that you can find the Trainer that resonates more with you! Some trainers will also offer Private training, in addition to the certification programs listed on this website. We know you will find just the right Trainer for you!

Soul Coaching Trainers are located all over the world, and some offer training in language such as French and Polish. 

All certification courses require a 7 day in person onsite course, and a 28 day distance program.