Alishia Alibhai

Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Trainer

Alishia Alibhai

Alberta, Canada


Upon the completion of my Ph.D. in Social Psychology in 2009, I followed my heart and traveled that same year to California to train with Denise Linn to become a Soul Coaching® practitioner and Past Life Coach. I was very drawn to ways of connecting with our inner wisdom and working on a Soul level.

I opened my practice (Divine Bliss) in 2009, which was created out of a passion to help people enhance their health and well-being, discover their life purpose, clear mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical clutter, and achieve their desires through connecting with their inner wisdom. I have been so grateful to offer a range of workshops to clients, including the Soul Coaching® 28-Day Inner & Outer Clutter Clearing program, Vision Board workshops, Past Life Journey workshops, private coaching sessions, Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Readings and so much more. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher and also do a lot of work with essential oils, cord cutting, and pendulums.

In 2014, I trained again with Denise Linn to become an Advanced Soul Coaching® practitioner and in 2016, I was blessed to receive personal training from Denise to become a Soul Coaching® Trainer. I am so honored to be carrying on the Soul Coaching® legacy and to be able to certify new Soul Coaching® Practitioners.

Blessings to you and I look forward to connecting!

  • Ph.D., Psychology
  • Soul Coaching® Trainer
  • Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner
  • Past Life Coach

The soul coaching course was so amazing! I did it a few years ago through Alishia. Alishia also taught my Reiki Master course. She has many fantastic meditation events and more! She is a beautiful soul. Her company in Calgary is Divine Bliss. Check it out:)
– Andrea S., Alberta

Divine Bliss has been a blessing in my life and many others! Thank you for your wonderful healing workshops and training!
– Andrea Z., Calgary, Alberta (via LinkedIn)

Life-changing. Came away from this feeling loved and supported, and experiencing positive changes still, more than a week later…I feel very fortunate to have connected with this group. Amazing.
– Ann K., Calgary, Alberta

Alishia is a gifted healer and facilitator, I am looking forward to participating in more of her workshops and meditations.
– Brigitte, Calgary, Alberta (via group)

I can’t even begin to tell you what joy Reiki has brought into my life and what a blessing it is to know you. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible gifts and for a truly wonderful weekend.
– Cheryl, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

Alishia is truly blessed and truly gifted. So authentic, precious and pure of heart. Her passions shine through in all she organizes. Any meetup hosted by this group is worth it’s weight in Gold!”
– Claire, E., Calgary, Alberta

I feel so much better after the past life regression session. It’s like my whole perspective has changed about my life. I have done so much inner work the last six months but the past life regression seems to have really opened me up and shifted something. I wanted to tell you that in gratitude as thank you just doesn’t suffice.
– Cynthia S., Lethbridge, Alberta

I have recommended many people (two have signed up already) to do Alishia’s 28-Day program and will continue to do so. The program has made me happier and more committed to what is important, and I am excited about doing more work with Alishia in the future.
– Dave S., Calgary, Alberta

Alishia is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth.
– Denise Linn, Founder of International Institute of Soul Coaching®

Alishia’s spirit, love, and intuition adds so much to her awesome ability as a Soul Coach. Just being in her presence is healing. She helped me to move towards a future I’ve always dreamed of. Alishia’s ability and desire to help people is astounding.
– Diane S., Professional Guardian; Austin, Texas

I have completed the 28-Day Program. I have also had a Reiki Session, Card Readings, and a Crystal Healing session with Alishia. I have found Alishia to be very knowledgeable. I find comfort and feel her positive energy whenever I am around her. She is definitely gifted. She is kind, caring, and sincere and is definitely blessed.
– Farida A., Administrative Assistant; Calgary, Alberta

I’ve found Alishia to be wise beyond her years with a gift of listening and actually hearing. I thank God that she came into my life.
– Jana J., IT/Accounting Analyst; Texas

Alishia is a vibrant and gifted healer with wisdom that goes far beyond her years. She created a safe space for me to explore a troubling relationship, and the results were deeply meaningful. Thank you, Alishia, for shining your light for all to see.
– Jessica V., Specialty Lines Underwriting Technician; Wisconsin

Alishia has such a beautiful exuberant soul. You feel absolutely safe in her presence. Her passion for others’ spiritual transformation through sharing of knowledge is surpassed only by her bright warm smile. She has an abundance of personal stories to share with a fun witty delivery. Anyone opening their heart and mind to the teachings from Alishia will be VERY blessed.
I always feel so balanced and healthy when I’ve just spent healing time in one of Alishia’s classes. I’m so happy to be taking this journey of enlightenment! Alishia has an AMAZING way to make you feel like you are never alone, and that we all have special gifts to embrace. There is never an awkward moment in her sessions. Love and support is emitted throughout which makes you feel safe and that anything is possible. Deepest gratitude Alishia!
– Jodie G., Calgary, AB

Alishia is a great teacher who is very passionate about helping others. This is evident when you participate in one of her classes. There is something very genuine about her approach that you don’t often come across. She is professional, detailed and very organized. If you are looking to learn Reiki, I would highly recommend taking your training through Divine Bliss. Thank you Alishia!
– Jules L., Calgary, AB

I would encourage you to have Alishia as your Soul Coach. She is caring, attentive, and patient and she ensures that you get the best from the work. You will have great results!
– Julia J., Employment Judge; England

I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Alibhai’s first “Etheric Cord Cutting & Feather Clearing Workshop”! What a blessing!! As a healer myself, I have performed many cord cuttings on my own but this one was different…as I cut the cord…a million emotions ran through me and tears were present but after Dr. Alibhai performed the feather clearing…I felt so much lighter and freer! Sentiments shared by many of the participants after the clearing. I also noticed that many of the women were simply glowing afterwards. Dr. Alibhai…I am a huge fan and you are simply the BEST – keep up the great work!
– Karen O., Calgary, AB

Alishia is a person of great depth and compassion. She has the gifts of healing and sensitivity to understand just what I needed. From my very first meeting with Alishia, I knew I would completely trust her and that has proven true. She is deeply intuitive with positive energy that flows through her to her client, as I have experienced.
– Karen L., Executive Director; Washington, D.C.

Alishia is a warm and beautiful person that makes you feel very comfortable and welcomed. After meeting Alishia and the other women that attended, I can’t wait to be able to attend other events and I will certainly do my Reiki II Certification with Alishia. Thank you Alishia and God Bless.
– Kerrie B., Calgary, AB

Alishia is an amazing teacher and person….thorough, non judgemental and knowledgeable. She creates the space you need for sharing and discussion without it taking away too much time from the teaching. She has a keen intuition for allowing and honouring her students to be active participants while still maintaining her role as teacher. Her manual covers everything you need and is very understandable and organized. Her workshop was fantastic!
– Leeanne, Calgary, AB (via Group)

Alishia, I feel so fortunate to have met you. You are truly an earth angel and have so many wonderful gifts. Thank you for sharing, encouraging and accepting.
– Lin, Calgary, AB

Alishia’s 28-Day Soul Coaching program started me on an amazing journey of self-discovery and gave me tools to use along the way. Having done the program 6 months ago, I am seeing the lasting results of what I put into motion while working with her and I am so grateful!
– Lindsay D.; Calgary, Alberta

Alishia is a warm and compassionate healer and Soul Coach who emanates a rich love and enthusiasm for life. I am blessed to have spent nine days learning with and from her.
– Marcia T., Former Director of Commercial Operations for a Software Company; Wisconsin

You are a diamond shining light into the darkness.
– Mark A., Calgary, Alberta

Alishia Mahmud Alibhai, your radiant joy is a gift to all whom you “connect” with. You are PURE POSITIVE ENERGY!!
– Martha D.; Arizona

Alishia, You do have a gift… you are not only a combo of past lives of caring, but you provide a “safe”, “healthy” environment. I definitely appreciate that you actually heard and paid attention to concerns expresssed… I definitely had questions that needed answering!!! You were able to assemble your life times of knowledge and answer to your best ability. While exploring the concept of past lives, (as we put some of those souls to rest), we (within ourselves and our environment) are all in it together!!! There then becomes a new definition of “Soul Mates”… not just then relating to what now has become the term for dating and relationships!!! Thank you for your insights!!
– Merry Anne; Calgary, Alberta (via Group)

I love receiving treatments from Dr. Alishia. Whether it be a Reiki Treatment, Past Life Regression, Soul Coaching or as a Teacher she shares her incredible Heartfelt Energy. She’s very professional, respectful and honouring/nonjudgemental.Being in her presence /energy is a bonus on so many levels.
– Roseanne D., Alberta

You truly are a gifted, enthusiastic and very respectful teacher that made the weekend fun to learn. You have touched my heart.
– Shona, Calgary, Alberta

Alishia has changed me for the better. Her healing and her positive energy has been the most amazing experience and has allowed me to explore feelings and energy within myself that I did not know was even there. Thanks Alishia, I look forward to many more sessions.
– Shauna W.; Calgary, Alberta

I am so blessed and so thankful for God bringing Alishia Alibhai (my Reiki Master/Teacher) into my life and helping me on my journey. This woman has impacted my life in such a way that words cannot express. She is a true angel on earth and I thank God every day for the blessings she is. Thank you Alishia for this past weekend. I cannot begin to tell you the difference my journey with Reiki has made for me – especially this final stage and the weekend. Many blessings to you dear one and thank you again!
– Tammy S.; Calgary, Alberta

Had a great time, like always! Alishia is a wonderful teacher and I learned a lot!
– Terri B.; Calgary, Alberta (via Group)