Gillian White

Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Trainer

Gillian White

Alberta, Canada

(587) 583-1109

I have a love affair with energy and hope that when you begin this journey you too will fall in love.

Many moons ago, I discovered how easy it was to influence my life by simply implementing a few changes within myself and my home. My life became more fluid and abundant; my relationship with my husband of 18 years deepened; the relationship with my three children became more honoured and sacred and my home is a true sanctuary.

To this day I am filled with a state of acceptance, love and joy in all that life has to offer. My life’s purpose is to share what I have learned and know that has worked for myself, my husband, my three children and the world around me.

I look forward to helping you bring SACREDNESS and LOVE to yourself, your life and your home.

  • Soul Coaching® Trainer.
  • Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner
  • Certified Past Life Coach
  • Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Practitioner
  • Feng Shui Zone Master
  • Space Clearing and Dowsing Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Angel Therapy Practitioner®
  • Avesa Quantum Healer
  • Initiated Priestess

“I was struggling and feeling lost. Worrying about coming change. I found myself searching for direction and purpose. I signed up for the 28 Day Soul Coaching Program with Gillian White in hopes that I would discover some direction and hopefully find a sense of purpose. After going through the program I found myself to be feeling clearer and having gained a whole new selection of tools to help work through the ups and downs of life, to better improve the energy in my home and my life. I learned to clutter clear away unnecessary baggage and make space for more abundance and most importantly to love and accept who I am and where I am at in my life and to know that I have the power to change. I am so much more confident now and working towards expanding that confidence in offering my gifts and talents to the world. Gillian is a wonderful, down to earth, loving and kind facilitator. She provided a safe and warm environment for such deep personal work. She encouraged group support. I have gained new friendships along with new understandings. I continue to use the tools I gained through this Soul Coaching Program to help me work through situations with more confidence. I have come to realize that the decisions I have made in the past may affect me today but certainly do not have to define my future. I highly recommend the 28 Day Soul Coaching Program with Gillian. I found it to be a powerful and life changing experience. Most importantly… I am so worth an investment into myself and you certainly are too!!”
M. Gier

“Gillian White speaks of love, but more importantly is a living example of love. In her presence you feel immediately accepted for all that you are. She has a way of wrapping her angel wings around everyone and letting them know they are heard and cared for. It is hard not to be at ease around her. She delivers her classes in a manner that we all can relate to, even when, like me the first time I took one of her courses, the material is completely new. I highly recommend the 28 day soul coaching to anyone who is searching for that personal connection within themselves. Gillian will open up the door for you. You just have to walk through.”
H. Scrimgeour

I highly recommend attending Gillian’s 28 Day Soul Coaching® workshop. Gillian’s workshop was an amazing, life changing experience.
Gillian is a truly gifted teacher, as well as a kind, compassionate, and caring person. I enjoyed each day’s exercise and I love how the exercises and teachings incorporate the four elements of air, water, fire and earth. The ideas introduced to me in the workshop will stay with me for the rest of my life.
The weekly group meetings were invaluable to me. It’s amazing how listening to how each woman’s week went and how the assignments and readings were affecting their lives, helped me with my own life. With Gillian’s gentle guidance, and fabulous sense of humor, we were all able to open up and share our stories. These meetings became the highlight of my week.
Gillian, I can’t thank you enough. Your workshop has transformed my life.
K. Bruce

“I believe that everything in life happens for a reason; the good, the bad and the ugly. I believe a higher power sends people into your life to help you through all these times and for me, it was Gillian. From the moment I met her, I knew instantly that I wanted to be friends; she has such a positive aura and a loving open heart. I have had a few rough years and I felt like I was sinking back into that deep dark hole, I wasn’t sure how to pull myself back together, I didn’t know who I was anymore and just when it seemed all was lost for me, I found out about Gillian’s soul coaching. I never would have believed just how much of an impact this would have on me; it completely turned my life around and I grew into the person I wanted to become. Gillian is so kind and compassionate and believes so deeply and this made me look at myself in a completely different light. I cherished every session and am so very grateful for the impact it has had on my life, words cannot express my gratitude Gill; you transformed my life.” xo
S. McBee