LuAnn Cibik

Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Trainer

LuAnn Cibik

Pennsylvania, USA


As a Master Educator of Interior Alignment®, offering certification for those who also wish to be an Interior Alignment® Practitioner is something I cherish. I have been teaching since 2003, and have fabulous graduates all over the world. I love to ignite this knowledge in new professionals, so that more homes and space can be uplifted, and lives changed! I offer most of my training courses at my home and retreat center Called Inner Strength/Inner Harmony, near Pittsburgh PA. These life changing course as set in the rolling farmland and forests, along meandering rivers.

I am an Elemental Space Clearing Mentor, a Fashion Feng Shui® Facilitator, Gateway Dreaming Practitioner, Soul Coaching® Oracle Cards Reader, and I bring all these skills in as needed with every client. As my client, we will determine what will bring you joy and success in the world, and then create your home and office as a template to support this success! We might even check out what’s in your closet, and make sure that you empower yourself in every way!

Are you ready for your life to change? I would be honored to assist you!”

About LuAnn: LuAnn is a Master Educator of Interior Alignment®, and Certified Soul Coach. She is an active member of the Interior Alignment Foundation Council since 2002. She is a past member of the the International Feng Shui Board, a graduate of Home Staging Resources and the Holistic Design Institute. She has worked closely with Denise Linn in providing Interior Alignment® programs, and other events such as the Weekend of Miracles, and other online and in person certification programs.

  • Soul Coaching® Trainer
  • Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner
  • Certification programs in Master Teacher of Interior Alignment
  • Feng Shui and Space Clearing Consultations for Home and Business
  • Certification programs in Instinctive Feng Shui™
  • Certification programs in Seven Star Blessings™ Space Clearings
  • Certification programs in Advanced Interior Alignment™ and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui

I have spent two days getting used to the new energy in my home and it more than suits, it feels like a bright new future to me. Thanks so much! I also checked in with my spiritual friend, who often does energetic cleanses for me, and she said that your work is very powerful; the spirits gave you a nod. I really appreciate your suggesting (…)—though I am sure it seems obvious to you—you gave me a few nudges in a few departments where I needed it. My office feels powerful.

You are like a loving big sister, a spiritual guide and a practical powerful lady who knows how to get things done. Wow! I am a huge fan and so grateful that you found time for me in your busy life.

– C.C., Corporate executive who does much work from her home office

LuAnn is the best. My home and office feel peaceful and inviting. My clients comment how much they like my office. The most fun I have is clearing space. I love donating, recycling to a consignment store and throwing out.

– J.K., Therapist

I have completed two of my Interior Alignment trainings with LuAnn, Advanced IA Certification and Medicine Wheel Feng Shui. I highly recommend LuAnn as a teacher and the Interior Alignment program founded by Denise Linn. My life has taken so many positive turns since I chose to welcome IA into my life. I have also taken two of LuAnn’s dream classes which dramatically changed how I receive guidance and has become so helpful to me. She is truly a goddess of the light.

– D.N., Advanced IA practitioner, Interior Designer and Small Business owner