Theresa Gendron

Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Trainer

Theresa Gendron

North Carolina, USA


Theresa Gendron’s love for Soul Coaching® has become her passion. Her goal is to certify Soul Coaching® instructors. She knows her purpose- here and now, is to help move individuals toward connecting with their souls’ truth. The profound effects of living one’s life to the fullest potential, has far reaching benefits. It is Theresa’s belief, that as each person finds their true connection to their authentic self, not only will each person benefit; but our planet and beyond will move toward 4th and 5th dimensional experiences.

Your Soul Loves the Truth and Connecting with Your Authentic Self not only helps you to experience a harmonious and a prosperous life; but has a profound experience on our planet and beyond.

  • Master in Science – Nursing Education with a Community Health Focus
  • Soul Coaching® Trainer, Soul Coaching® Master Practitioner
  • Certified Past Life Regressions, Certified Gateway Dreaming™,
  • Elemental Space Clearing
  • Certified Feng Shui Consultant – New England School of Feng Shui