Soul Coaching® Certification Programs

Soul Coaching is a part of the Linn Academy of certifications. You can find the upcoming certification courses and the Active Soul Coaching Trainers listed at that site. (links below)

Starting in August of 2021, the program can be offered by Trainers in one of 2 formats

  1. Onsite retreat immersion for a minimum of 7 days onsite, and the the 28 day Soul Coaching program offered onsite or online before or after the retreat course. This is a 100 hour program, with both hours during the onsite immersion and then teleconference calls and self study time by the student during the 28 day program,
  2. Online program, held for 30 or more weeks, with monthly one-day online programming. This is a 130 hour program, with both hours during the online class sessions with your Trainer and classmates, and self study time by the student during the 28 week program.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All of our authorized Soul Coaching (R) Practitioner certification programs here. If someone is offering you Soul Coaching(R) certification and the course is not listed or you have been offered private training and you don’t see the Trainer listed here, then this is not an official course and you will not be recognized as a Soul Coaching(R) practitioner by our organization.

Soul Coaching(R) is a very specific method of coaching, that utilizes coaching methods for one time sessions as well as a variety of 28 day programs to work with clients. It is a trademarked process and term.  We understand the phrase ‘soul coach’ has become popular. Know that our system is the original, and that those who train with our Trainers are getting the best in training and experience.

Upcoming Certification Courses

Denise Linn

Active Trainers

Some trainers offer private training. Please feel free to connect with them to find out more.

“As a Soul Coaching Practitioner, your mission will be to create a safe space within which your clients can listen to the inner messages from their soul. Through Soul Coaching they will discover their authentic self, and begin to realize the meaning of their life. It is an act of power to provide this for another being. Becoming a Soul Coach not only profoundly contributes to the well being of others, but also it is a very personal voyage. Along the way you discover even more of the majesty and power that dwells within you.

Ultimately there is a much bigger vision for us as coaches.As we contribute, with integrity and majesty to the well being of others, I believe that we are also contributing to the collective consciousness, thus making the world a better place for us all.”

~ Denise Linn, Founder of Soul Coaching