About Soul Coaching®

Soul Coaching® is a remarkable pathway that allows you to “hear” the yearnings of your soul. It is a program designed for anyone seeking phenomenal spiritual cleansing, renewal and transformation.

The aim of Soul Coaching®is to align one’s inner spiritual life with their outer life. It is a system that helps to clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter so your client can hear the secret messages from his or her soul. It also helps your client discover their true purpose so they can design a life that supports that purpose and compassionate …you are doing soul work.

Louise found great value in taking the Soul Coaching® program, and then traveled on to become a Soul Coaching®Practitioner, and attain the highest level of training, Master Practitioner. It has changed her life in powerful and profound ways.

“Soul Coaching® allows me to identify, heal, and release those less than empowering beliefs…”

Louise Wilson, Soul Coaching Master Practitioner

Soul Coaching® goes beyond the boundaries of ordinary life coaching which focuses on the attainment of goals. It is not therapy and not your typical life coaching. Soul Coaching® is a guided inward journey to the deepest wellspring of your being in order to touch the sacred space within. It allows you to be in touch with your spiritual self, and recenter your life around your Soul’s Mission. This coaching is not based around any particular religion. It is based on the power of nature, and the acknowledgement that our lives are sacred.

As Soul Coaching® Practitioners, we know that our clients are naturally intuitive and resourceful, and we understand that each already has all the answers he or she needs. It is our job to create a safe nurturing space for our clients to discover their own knowledge while we listen with our heart. We are trained in a specific coaching process that creates the safe space for people to feel heard, and to then be able to hear the whispering of their own soul’s message.

Personal Results

What Personal Results Will You Gain From Soul Coaching?

The most common statement we hear from people who have taken the Soul Coaching® 28 day program or other Soul Coaching Service is that it was a profound turning point in their lives.  For almost everyone, a remarkable transformation occurs. Personal blockages and limitations dissolve. Self-esteem and confidence expands and an inner peace begins to grow.