Maria McGonigal

Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Trainer

Maria McGonigal

Arizona, USA

Home: 928-541-7762
Cell: 928-899-1413

Over the last 20 years, I have inspired thousands of people of all ages and walks of life. I have been trained in several modalities, because I believe that as multidimensional beings we benefit from a multi faceted approach.

In a fast changing world we may feel unbalanced, unsettled or even totally lost.
With no place to anchor ourselves, we are called to go within.

My passion is to guide you into the eye of the hurricane, that place of stillness anchored in your soul. All of the answers you need spring from within. I will assist you to listen and decode these messages, crafting the life of your dreams.

Staying true to my Portuguese origins, I sailed the seven seas. I was married in majestic Sedona and settled in the mystical city of Prescott, Arizona. This sense of adventure and diversity is reflected in my life’s work.

I am a teacher of inter-connectedness, providing you with missing pieces (energetic or physical) to activate and propel you forward.
I focus on bringing very different, yet integrated systems together to create balance and harmony.
My unique Soul Coaching® Programs and Trainings masterfully blend Yoga, Meditation, Vibrational Sound & Color Healing, Reiki, Aromatherapy and Sacred Geometry.
Gifted with keen intuition, my teaching style is direct, dissecting and not suitable for the faint of heart.
Be ready for deep, lasting transformation, which demands willingness to acknowledge what has been lurking in the shadow and holding you back.

My deepest desire is to offer a safe, sacred space for you to discover the most authentic version of yourself.
I create beautiful spaces conducive to inspire and exalt your heart. You will be initiated into the 4 Sacred Elements at stunning power spots which surround my beautiful home studio.

Become a Soul Coach and begin the adventure of a lifetime as you deeply transform yourself and receive the tools to change the lives of many.

I welcome you to step into your magnificent future.


  • Soul Coaching® Trainer
  • Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner – 2016 – Trained by Founder Denise Linn
  • Soul Coaching® Advanced Practitioner – 2014 – Trained by Founder Denise Linn
  • Soul Coaching® Clutter Clearing – 2014 – Trained by Founder Denise Linn
  • Soul Coaching® Practitioner – 2010 – Trained by Founder Denise Linn
  • Soul Coaching® Past Life Coach – 2010 – Trained by Founder Denise Linn


  • Yoga Siromani (Teacher of Yoga) – 2001 – The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Grass Valley, CA
  • Mini Yogis® Yoga for Kids – 2008 – Trained by Founder Shana Meyerson
  • Aquastretch Basics – 2008 – Trained by Founder George Eversaul, A.P.H.
  • Aquatic YogaDancing – 2008 – Trained by Founder George Eversaul, A.P.H.


  • Vibrational Sound & Color Practitioner & Teacher – 1996 to Present – Mentored & Trained by Rian McGonigal

FLOWER OF LIFE – Drunvalo Melchizedek

  • Flower of Life Certification – 2009 – Trained by Jane Reading


  • Reiki Master – 2000 – Trained by Laurie Grant, M.A. Reiki Master Teacher


  • Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc. – 1997 – Officiated by Reverend Daniel Chesbro

I met Maria through a face book post I seen. She was advertising a woman’s circle on the super full blood moon out of her home studio. I was quite nervous going to someone’s house I didn’t know. I was at a point in my life where I felt I had read every self help book I could and grown so much though yoga that I didn’t know where to turn anymore. My life was unraveling at the seems. How could this be happening after all the work I had put into myself.

Maria quickly drew me in with her teachings at the woman’s circle. I had to find a way to learn more from this woman. She offered soul coaching. I decided to go. Best decision I ever made in my life. Things progressively got worse in my personal life for a while.. Everything I thought stable breaking apart faster and faster. I couldn’t make sense of it.

I started my work with Maria at the perfect time. She has a knowing about her. She teaches from her experiences in life never making me feel judged or unworthy. I was able to express my deepest darkest secrets and find my way through the darkness. She taught me to love the darkness. This is how I discovered my light. As the weeks went on I found I had all my answers already. I found through Maria’s guidance that life didn’t have to be as hard as I was making it. She helped me to let go and trust the journey. She helped me learn to manifest my dreams, stand strong in my divine femininity. I found my power, my voice, an unwavering faith in myself and the universe.

I found Maria at a time I needed a guide someone to show me the path to help me look at life from a different perspective. Looking back at where I was when I met her. Looking back at how she guided me to finding myself my strength. She was an angel sent to me. I couldn’t have made it through that time and landed where I did without her. Now 3 years later my life, my relationships solid and my dreams the dreams we put on a dream board those dreams she helped me to visualize are now coming into fruition. All of this possible because of Maria’s ability to guide one to there higher self where all the answers you might be searching for reside.

Soul Coaching® with Maria is worth every penny!

I am a different person today because of her guidance! Do not miss the opportunity to change your life. I highly recommend her! I wish I had enough words to express how much this woman helped me, she truly has a gift and is using her life’s work her gift to make our world a better place! I hope to one day help someone as she helped me along my journey.

Harmony Fonseca, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Meditation Guide, Cosmetologist, Prescott, AZ

It was a beautiful Prescott January morning in 2004 that I first became a yoga student of Maria McGonigal. I left class knowing that I had just met a very highly developed spiritual being and that I wanted to learn more of what she had to share. Since that morning, I have been privileged to take most of the beautiful workshops, classes, and seminars that Maria has offered both at the college and in her private studio.

As the Director of Education for the Center for Spiritual Living 2004-2008, I was privileged to host Maria’s yoga class for the elderly (one lady was 95 years old). Maria’s compassionate spirit and enthusiasm for yoga as an art form was the catalyst that endeared the mature students to her. She gave them encouragement when they felt lost, shared music, chanting, and ritual when appropriate, and challenged each person to allow their magnificence to come forth.

Maria walks her talk,…..can be counted on to speak her truth both joyfully and lovingly, and demonstrates moral integrity that is above reproach. Without a shadow of doubt, I know Maria is a talented teacher, a wise counselor, and an enlightened spirit whose very nature is unconditionally loving to and for humanity. I know that whatever Maria McGonigal commits her heart, her mind, and her time to,…… the result will always be, “a labor of love for humanity.” I feel blessed and extremely honored to call this beautiful soul, my friend.

Rev, Dr. Betty Campbell-Henderson, Director of Education for the Center for Spiritual Living, Prescott, AZ

I have known Maria McGonigal since 1997. During these past five years I have coordinated a number of seminars and workshops at Yavapai Community College campuses and other areas of Arizona where Maria has offered her musical and public speaking talents. She brings a very positive perspective to the educational process and all her student participants appreciate her wisdom and caring manner.

She contributes greatly to the learning process.

Maria is a personal friend as well as a professional associate. She is a person of impeccable integrity and is very responsible and committed to the community. She is highly regarded by her students, teachers and community leaders. I recommend her most highly.

Geri Marr Burdman, P.h.D., Prescott – AZ

Maria has an extraordinary way of connecting with the true soul of her clients. She made me feel so safe and at peace during my session with her. With peacefulness I was able to reach deep into the truth of my soul.

Carol D. Upton, Health & Physical Education Teacher, Virginia – USA

Maria is an incredible light, sharing spiritual principles and soul inspirations in innovative ways.

She lives her talk, and her coaching joyfully invites others to come forth in living and sharing their soul’s purpose.

Karen Rader, Hospice Chaplain and Holistic Practitioner, Prescott – AZ

Sweet Maria – a wonderful guide and mentor to those of us wanting a better self. She makes you believe that anything is possible in your life if you open & accept, believe & flow.

Mary Steenhoek, Yoga Student, Prescott – AZ

I first met Maria McGonigal in the fall of 2006 through the Hatha Yoga class that she was teaching at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona. From the first class on, I knew that this lady possessed something far beyond her extraordinary ability to teach yoga. In each class, Maria speaks from her heart, sharing “Life Lessons” with her students while at the same time instructing them in yoga poses. She shares such Universal Truths as “Each and every one of us is a unique human being who has his/her very own special talents and abilities to share with the rest of us and the world.” Furthermore, she creates a safe and sacred space in yoga class where each person has the opportunity to “step into a scary place and try a new behavior or try a pose you thought you could never do before.”

Another beautiful thing about Maria is that she enables everyone to feel accepted and comfortable around her. One of the ways that she does this is by personally sharing incidents about her own experiences in life that have not worked well. Then, with a laugh and an open heart, she shares the insights that she gained from those experiences and the lessons that she learned, saying, “Life is a wonderful teacher!”

Maria possesses extraordinary sensitivity and perceptiveness with people naturally. However, now that she has added Soul Coaching Certification to her many other credentials, Maria will have the ability to truly hear at every level what people are expressing to her. Even more, she will have the tools available to enable each person to find the Truth for his/her own Soul!

Diane Clevenger, Student Circulation Assistant, Yavapai College Library & Yoga Student, Prescott – AZ

I am beginning my 6th year as a student in Maria’s Hatha Yoga classes. From Day 1, I realized it was not a coincidence that our paths crossed. Maria is very gifted, not only in introducing her students to the practice of yoga, but in connecting to each student, both on a physical and spiritual level. She has an amazing amount of energy and talent, using these gifts to honor each person’s uniqueness and goodness.

In these six years I have witnessed a slow and subtle shift in Maria’s focus. Initially, in a given class, she would spend more time on the physical aspects of Hatha Yoga, namely the poses and the breathing. Gradually she has shifted her emphasis to the spiritual and meditative aspects, using the poses to help the body become stronger and more relaxed so that the mind is uncluttered with details and therefore better able to concentrate on the soul, deep within.

Susy Whan, Yoga Student, Prescott – AZ